When Should You Start Recruiting HVAC Technicians and Installers?

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When Should You Start Recruiting HVAC Technicians and Installers?

We get calls every day from commercial and residential HVAC companies in a panic, they need to hire HVAC/R technicians and installers urgently.  When we ask when they need them to start, they will often say Yesterday! If you are waiting until you are desperate to start recruiting HVAC technicians and installers, this is obviously too late, and you have put yourself in a bad spot.

We completely understand you need to cut costs down and a big way to do that is to not overstaff; but understaffing can be a much more expensive problem. For starters, you will have the extra overtime you will have to pay. You will also be dealing with an overworked team, this can lead to burnout, decreased productivity, and an increase in mistakes. On top of all of this, your wait time for customers will be longer, this may cause some to look elsewhere and lost revenue for you.

One of the biggest problems of waiting too long to hire HVAC Techs is that when you need them, so does everyone else. Most occupations are fairly steady year-round and when you hire does not make a huge difference, this is not the case in the HVAC world. When summer hits everyone needs those A/C techs and when winter rolls around, those furnace techs come in high demand.

On an average year, there is already a shortage of qualified HVAC Technicians and with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting a 13% increase in demand, that problem is only going to get worse. If you are dealing with a summer that is particularly hot, the fight for good technicians is even tougher. If you wait until you NEED techs, then you have put yourself into a desperate position where you have to hire quickly. This means you will need to make a choice between the best of who is available. This is usually a very small pool to choose from as the best techs are already working. To make matters worse, you have a lot of companies that are all fishing in the same pool of techs, which can lead to bidding wars. So now you are choosing from technicians that you do not really want, and you are having to overpay them.

Don’t get caught in this trap, start recruiting your technicians and installers way before you need them. This will give you time to do a proper search and ensure you are fully staffed and ready to take on the work when it comes in.

If you do need help recruiting technicians, Rockstar HVAC can help. We do not rely on job boards, we can do deep dive searches to find you the best technicians that will be a perfect fit for what you need. While we always appreciate it when we are given a bit of lead time on a search, if you are in a tough spot where you need techs now, we can help with that too. Give us a call at 1-833-937-3546 or shoot us an e-mail at info@rockstarrecruiting.ca.


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