Signs You Need A Recruiter

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Signs You Need A Recruiter

I wish that every company needed to utilize a 3rd party recruiter for all of their searches but that just isn’t the case. Recruiters are a bit of a luxury service to be used when needed. Often times your internal HR Team or In House Recruiter can get the job done without having to enlist the assistance of an Employment Agency. That being said there are times when Recruiters go from a nice to have to an essential. If any of the below represents your situation, it is time to call a Recruiting Firm.

  • Job Vacant For Over A  Month
  • Candidates You Are Receiving Do Not Have The Qualifications That You Need
  • Candidates You Are Receiving All Have Unstable Job History
  • Confidential Search (You Are Replacing Someone)
  • Very Specific Hard To Find Requirements
  • Wanting To Hire A Specific Person
  • Wanting to Hire From A Specific Company

A good recruiter can help you will all of the above. The most common is that it is just taking too long. A job that remains open for too long is costing you money (How to Calculate the Cost of Vacancy), the cost of a recruiter is greatly offset by how fast they can find you the right fit.

Before you hire a recruiter:

  • Post a job ad on Indeed, see if you get lucky
  • Ask for internal referrals
  • Reach out to your internal database of candidates

If you do these things and can’t fill the role then give a recruiter a call, you are ready for us.

For Mechanic, HVAC or Millwright recruiting, trust Rockstar Recruiting. Give us a call at 1-833-937-3546 or e-mail us at We will take your search way beyond the job board and get your position filled quickly.

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