Why Are Good Mechanics So Damn Hard To Find?

Hiring Mechanics is not an easy task, Finding Good Mechanics to Hire can sometimes feel like looking for Unicorns. The best ones are rarely available and the ones that are available are not often the...

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How to Hire A Mechanic (7 Easy Steps)

Hiring a Mechanic can seem like a daunting task, do you use a Head Hunter or Employment Agency? What job boards do you post on? What to ask during an interview? How much should you offer? Below is an...

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Get Off The Fence and Hire That Mechanic … or Don’t

One of the most frustrating things in recruiting is when you lose a good candidate because the hiring process took too long. I always encourage all of my clients to streamline their process as much...

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Are Your Online Reviews Killing Your Recruiting Efforts?

Good mechanics that have a passion for the trade take their reputation very seriously. They refuse to sign off on unsafe work, don’t take shortcuts and make sure the job is done right the first time....

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