Is Your Online Application Process Costing You Candidates?

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Is Your Online Application Process Costing You Candidates?

It is certainly possible to lose potential candidates due to a complicated online application process. If the application process is too lengthy or confusing, it can discourage candidates from completing the application or lead them to become frustrated with the process.

When designing an online application process, it is important to keep in mind the user experience and make the process as simple and intuitive as possible. Here are some tips to consider:

  1. Keep it concise: Limit the number of questions and only ask for information that is absolutely necessary. Avoid lengthy essay-style questions, and instead, use multiple-choice or short answer questions wherever possible.
  2. Test the process: Test the application process yourself or have someone else test it to identify any issues or confusing steps. Make adjustments based on feedback to improve the process.
  3. Be clear and transparent: Provide clear instructions on how to complete the application and what information is required. Be transparent about the entire process and timeline, and provide candidates with updates as they move through each stage of the application process.
  4. Allow for resume upload: Allow candidates to upload their resume, as this can save them time and effort in filling out all their personal information again.
  5. Provide support: Offer support to candidates who are struggling with the application process. Provide contact information, such as an email address or phone number, and encourage candidates to reach out with any questions or issues they encounter.

By simplifying the online application process, you can increase the likelihood of attracting and retaining top candidates for your open positions. If you need any more advice contact us at 1-833-937-3546 or explore our other blogs. 


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