Post & Pray Is Not A Recruiting Strategy!

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Post & Pray Is Not A Recruiting Strategy!

Many companies rely on a rather passive recruiting strategy that involves posting a job ad on major job boards like Indeed or ZipRecruiter and waiting for applications to roll in. Unfortunately, this “post and pray” approach is not the most effective way to attract top talent. At best, it may lead to hiring candidates who are simply looking for a way out of their current situation.

Consider this: at any given time, only about 10-15% of the workforce is actively seeking a new job. However, more than 50% of people are open to new opportunities if the right one comes along. This means that your job ad posted on a job board will only reach a fraction of potential candidates. Even if you invest in sponsored or Cost Per Click ad campaigns, the majority of your desired candidates are not likely to be hanging out on job boards.

In most cases, those who apply through job boards are either unemployed or dissatisfied with their current job. While there are exceptions, this is the prevailing trend. By expanding your recruiting efforts beyond job boards, you can tap into a pool of candidates who are happily employed but open to change if a better opportunity arises. What defines a “better opportunity” can vary, whether it’s better hours, proximity to home, or room for advancement. Every job has its unique selling points, and it’s crucial to identify and communicate these to a broader audience of qualified candidates.

The Challenge for HR Professionals

This can be challenging for many HR professionals as often the only tool they have access to is a job board. “Head hunting” is considered unprofessional in many cases, and most companies may not provide their HR staff with the expensive candidate sourcing tools used by external recruiting firms.

The Solution

The solution to overcoming these challenges is to partner with a recruiting firm that specializes in your industry and niche. Generalist firms may not have the industry-specific contacts necessary to reach passive candidates effectively. Research and identify the right recruiting firm for your needs and establish a partnership.

You can still post your job ads, but don’t depend solely on them. Let professional recruiters do what they do best. They will expand your candidate search and bring you candidates you might not have otherwise had access to.

Is Rockstar Right for You?

If you are recruiting Skilled Trades people or related roles, Rockstar is the choice! Give us a call at 1-833-937-3546, we are always happy to chat and can discuss strategies to help you fill your most urgent openings.

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• Plumbers – Commercial & Residential

• All Related Supervisory, Management, and Support Roles

Recruiting is more than just posting and praying. It’s about taking a proactive approach to find the right fit for your organization and ensuring a brighter future for both your business and your new hires. If you need want more insights and tips to excel within the industry. Check out our other blogs.

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