Conduct The Best Mechanic Interviews - Interview Prep Checklist

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Conduct The Best Mechanic Interviews - Interview Prep Checklist

With how hard it is to find good candidates, it is incredibly important to make sure that you nail the interview. Too many people think they can just wing an interview and fly by the seat of their pants but this often conveys a bad impression to candidates and can also lead to poor selection.

Interviewers who are not organized send a message that the company is disorganized. This may be consciously or subconsciously perceived but when candidates have options you don’t want to give them any excuse to go elsewhere.

The first step in preparing is making sure you ask the right questions. If you are not sure what to ask, we prepared a list of the top 27 questions to ask mechanics in an interview. You don’t have to ask every question, that will lead to an interview that is way too long, but pick the ones that are important to you.

If you use the same questions for every interview, you will have consistency which makes it a lot easier to compare candidates against each other, taking good notes is key!

Here is a checklist of things to prepare to make sure your interviews are flawless. Much of this can be overlooked but if you prepare you will stand out against your competition and give yourself the best chance to hire the best mechanics.

Follow this checklist and don't skip any steps to give yourself the best chance at hiring your mechanics.

For more recruiting tips and tricks, download our free e-book 'The Ultimate Guide For Hiring Mechanics' and if you need to add more horsepower to your recruiting please reach out. We would be happy to take on a search for you and have had success right across Canada and the USA with all types of Mechanic roles. 


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