The Alternative to Posting on Indeed

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The Alternative to Posting on Indeed

Indeed is the dominant force in job advertising across Canada and the United States. Its reach and influence make it the go-to platform for many employers. While competitors like ZipRecruiter have made significant strides, Indeed remains the heavyweight champion in the job board arena.

However, many companies find Indeed to be prohibitively expensive, often resulting in one of two common scenarios: either receiving very few applicants or getting inundated with unqualified or geographically unsuitable candidates. This raises the question: must employers accept these high costs and mismatched candidates as inevitable?

The answer is no. There are alternatives to posting on job boards like Indeed, and they don’t involve sinking your entire budget into social media ad campaigns (another costly pitfall). The key alternative is Passive Candidate Recruitment.

Advantages of Passive Candidate Recruitment

  1. Less Competition

    • Few companies actively pursue passive candidates, focusing instead on job board postings. This means passive candidates are not usually considering multiple offers.
  2. Higher Quality Candidates

    • Top performers who are generally satisfied in their current roles are not actively job hunting. However, many are open to new opportunities that might be a better fit.
  3. Larger Pool of Candidates

    • Only about 15% of the workforce is actively looking for new roles at any given time. By targeting passive candidates, you tap into the remaining 85% of the talent pool.

The Talent Pool and Competition

To illustrate, consider the current number of mechanic jobs posted:

  • Canada – 9,409

    • Toronto – 1,049
    • Edmonton – 548
    • Winnipeg – 279
    • Montreal – 251
  • USA – 37,437

    • New York – 270
    • Chicago – 375
    • Dallas – 553
    • Los Angeles – 368
    • Atlanta – 507

Each job posting competes directly with thousands of others, exacerbating the already existing shortage of mechanics. Limiting your search to active job seekers means competing with over 500 companies for just 15% of the available talent.

Expanding Your Search

Engaging with passive candidates not only broadens your candidate pool but also increases the likelihood of finding higher-qualified individuals. This approach does come with its challenges, such as difficulty in contacting passive candidates, higher salary expectations, and a longer recruitment process.

That’s where Rockstar comes in. We specialize in recruiting passive candidates, and our expertise lies in connecting employers with skilled tradespeople across Canada and the USA. Whether you're looking for mechanics, HVAC technicians, plumbers, millwrights, or fire protection specialists, Rockstar can help you find the right talent.

Let us assist you in navigating the complexities of passive candidate recruitment and secure the best candidates for your needs.

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